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A few quick pulls down the street before I sold this car to start another project.

1993 Ford Mustang LX
Stock Block 347 Stroker
Ported GT40X Heads by Thumper of Orange Park
Ported Systemax II by TMOSS
FTI Camshaft
Longtubes O/R H-Pipe
Flowmaster American Thunder System
World Class T-5
8.8 Rear with 4.30 Gears
Innovate LC-1
Moates QuarterHorse

Cam Specs:
Lobe Lift Intake/Exhaust: .328″ .328″
Duration @ .050 Intake/Exhaust: 230* 238*
Lobe Separation: 112*
Intake Centerline: 109*
Timing at .050 Intake Open/Close: 6* BTDC 44* ABDC
Timing at .050 Exhaust Open/Close: 54* BBDC 4* ATDC