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With the right selection of parts, research, and a little help from the community you can build a proven combo, just as I did. I built this engine in my garage with just a short block assembly and using my own selection of parts. Then after a year, got it to this stage finally. More build and parts details in previous videos. This is just the outcome of hard work and a lot of reading.


Stock Ford mustang block
race prepped and blue printed, honed and plugged.
Moroso Main Cap Girdle
Scat 3.4 stroke 347 stroker crankshaft
Scat 5.4 Connecting Rods
RaceTec Custom billet forged pistons Autotec 11:1 compression
Trick Flow Stage 2 – 286/294 duration cam
Trick Flow 11R 190CC CNC heads with 2.055 1.6 valves .600 springs
Comp Cams aluminum roller rockers 1.6
Fabricated Aluminum Valve Covers
Trick Flow Chromoly pushrods
Ford Performance Hydraulic Roller Lifters
PAC .600 valve springs
TFS SS valves
Ford Performance Single Plane Intake Manifold (Edelbrock Victor Jr)
FiTech Go EFI 4 600 Horsepower system
Bosch 4.2 with AFR meter
MSD Coil
Ford Motorsports Chrome Distributor Hold Down
Professional Products Billet Distributor. I made a youtube video on how to lock it out.
March Billet Pulley Kit
Gmb Waterpump
LMR Thermostat Housing
Ford Motorcraft 180° Thermstat
Trick flow 28oz Dampener
Felpro Gaskets including .039 Headgasket
Fitech coolant, temp, pressure sensors, and computer
Dorman Oil Pan
Ford Motorsports Chrome Dipstick and Tube
Melling Oil Pump
Modified Stock Ford Parts Pickup Tube

FiTech EFI ignition/fuel/air control
FFR Complete Return Style Fuel System
Earls -6 AN Fuel Fittings
Motorcraft Mustang Fuel Filter
Walboro 255 LPH Fuel Pump
Ford In-tank Fuel pump bracket
PTFE Tank to Filter/Chassis Fuel Lines
FFR Fuel Cap and Retrofit
Ford Mustang Fuel Level Sender
Ford Electrical connectors retrofitted to chassis harness