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Once you enable this setting you prevent unwanted link or other informations from other’s sharing with you.

Here i using 2021 released redmi android phone,but this trick also works on ios iphone and web versions.

This app support for tamil,hindi,telugu and malayalam languages.


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how to stop adding me in whatsapp group without archive :

1.My friend mistakenly add my mobile number to unknown group.

2.And i get the unwanted calls and messages from unknown person’s.

3.So i decide to hide my entire details like profile picture or dp,last seen and my personal contact also.

4.Just open your messenger app and then goto settings – account – privacy.

5.Here you can click to open about section and then choose “Nobody”.

6.Once you choose this option,there is no possible someone view your profile via participants tab.

7.Which means that this tab not showing your info.

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