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Scammers keep coming up with new and more creative schemes to steal your money or valuable data. If you stay updated on the new phone scam schemes you can protect your money and data from scammers. This new scam has the potential to outsmart all other types of fraud. The Better Business Bureau has already called it the most dangerous phone scam out there! So, if your own number calls you, never ever take the call!
Typically, the bad guys calling you from your own number introduce themselves as representatives from your mobile provider. They start by informing you that somebody has hacked your account. Then, they ask you to verify a few things. This sounds so trustworthy and people are already freaked out at the thought of their account being hacked that they willingly give up their personal data.
First and foremost, don’t answer the phone. There’s no way that “you” are calling yourself. Authorities also recommend signing up for the National Do Not Call Registry. And if you get unwanted calls, you can report them to the Federal Trade Commission.


What’s in it for these criminals? 1:16
What cover story do scammers use? 1:40
How can you avoid becoming victim of this fraud? 3:12
More phone scam schemes 4:16
What can you do to if you’re about to become a scam victim? 5:49

-Scammers can read you like a book and use their silver tongue to talk you into giving them information about your phone account and even your social security and credit card numbers.
-Criminals claim to be representatives from your mobile provider. They start by informing you that somebody has hacked your account and ask to provide your personal data to save your account.
-The Federal Communications Commission advises people to always verify callers claiming to be representatives of government agencies and other organizations. Also, be extremely cautious about the information you give to anyone calling you.
-Scams involving your local area code, repeated calls scam, the “Can you hear me?” scam are all pretty popular as well.
-Avoid talking to strangers on the phone if possible. Be attentive if you have picked up: listen for pauses after each time you say something, it’s most likely a robocall, so hang up.

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