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With enough fear and brake cleaner we can start anything!

We found this old thing in a box in a closet and instead of just leaving it alone like a sane person, I decided to pull it out start messing with it. First things first – this is a Duratrax Maximum BX. It was originally sold by Tower Hobbies and this was the RTR version. While it has been sitting for years, it appears to be complete minus the body – though it must have had a second life as a saw dust collection system.

I started by replacing the dirty fuel line with a new line/filter combo from Du-bro (P/N 680). Be sure to open the filter up and make sure your filter screen is actually covering the outlet hole and remove all the little bits of aluminum leftover from machining.

Once that was all squared away, I topped her off with Sidewinder off-road fuel. It’s a 20% nitro blend that’s a little bit higher in oil content for more bashing protection.

For spark I was actually surprised it was quite hard to find a modern glow plug equivalent for the discontinued DTXG3001, DTXG3003 and the sorta available DTXG3005 but wrong temperature gold plug. I used the Dynamite glow plug as a replacement and it worked great for me. So hopefully this helps somebody find that a DYN2500 plug works great for Torq 12 or Torq 16 engines. Those engine are used in the Duratrax Maximum BX, ST and MT.

Finally we got her running and immediately flipped it – Now I have even more to repair… I’m gonna get her back together, swap out the aftermarket wheels and tires for the stock ones and try to find a body. If anybody has any leads on a replacement body for the Duratrax Maximum BX buggy or can recommend another body that fits it would be a huge help!