I am uploading this real voicemail message I received for the purpose of bringing attention to these type of Phone scammers. This is a Scam from a person claiming to be from the Department of [More]
This is what happens when a scammer calls a hacker that is on the do not call list. If you are getting scam phone calls, text the number to 636-344-0349 or leave them in the [More]
For all the people wanting a scammer number, this is how I get my scammer numbers
Be aware of scam phone calls in Australia. Scammers will try everything to get your money and details. the number is seen on the video: https://www.reverseaustralia.com/lookup/0488859437/ Find more about ASX investment scams https://www.scamwatch.gov.au/types-of-scams/investments/investment-scams I got [More]
https://www.scammer-numbers.com/ – my forum https://scammer.info https://techscammersunited.com
What ever numbers I find I call! https://www.scammer-numbers.com/ – my forum https://scammer.info https://techscammersunited.com
Be careful of this numbers if you answer the phone they will take all your information. This is a scam,they will be charge Be careful do not answer numbers.
If the number above does not work, they also use these numbers: 844-247-1987, 888-726-7294, 844-679-3688, 888-978-9558, 210-807-4078, 210-807-3264, 302-268-6936, 510-344-6468, 510-344-6470, 510-344-6495 Now it’s your turn to scam a scammer. These thieves pose as computer [More]