According to the Federal Trade Commission, scammers are using auto-dialers to call cell phone numbers across the country, letting the phone ring just one time before disconnecting.
If you get a phone call from this number, don’t pick up, it’s a scammer claiming to be from the Australian Tax Office. 02 6542 7729
The idea here is that I will make them mad, so when an old innocent lady calls them, she will hear that they are obviously angry and HOPEFULLY hang up. If this gets popular, I [More]
Through a process known as spoofing, scammers are hijacking phone numbers used by government agencies, including the CRA. Our Thomas Daigle shows how easily it can be done and what telecoms are trying to do [More]
How scammers are taking over phone numbers. – my forum
Trolling TECH SUPPORT scammers Live Stream Fire RTC: ==========Used numbers========= Link; hxxps:// Number: 18886530258 Warning: Browser Lock ======================== Tech support live Ajit pai Accepting requests (type in chat) Exposing Scammers Scam Tech Vladimir putin [More]
I spoke to Dell about scammers were spoofing their numbers calling me and other people. Dell rep told me to inform all legit businesses and people to please report number spoofing to FCC. Legit companies [More]