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The idea for it came up while watching an surprisingly uninformative yet somewhat entertaining tutorial video on “Adobe TV”. I got there by coincidence while being on a search for (guess what?) Photoshop Tutorials which ideally would expand my knowledge.

After all I can say that I wasn’t able to do the INCONCEIVABLE, ENHANCING MY ENDLESS EXPERTISE IN PS, however my imagination got inspired by the video, leading me to do this!

If you think you got what it takes make yet another “That photoshop teacher might be a [insert random word]”, feel free to download the “Photoshop Guy Pack”, it includes the layers I made use of, an After Effects project file and the original video. If you are acquainted with AE, you can easily do such a video in less than 2 minutes!

What are you still waiting for? Download the file and play with the files inside! Tell us in the comments if you have done a “That photoshop teacher might be a [insert random word]” yourself!

Link to the “Adobe TV” original video (which is somewhat useless)
by “Andy Anderson” (who has a cute voice, most audible at “Completely” 1:14)


FictionSourcé Channel:

Remember to download the files!!!!!!!