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The Guide to Toll-Free Numbers

Toll free numbers are numbers that can be called at no cost to the caller.
Having a toll-free number just gives your business that extra oomph of professionality. And it keeps your personal number private

What area codes are for toll-free numbers?
For the US & Canada they are: 800, 833, 844, 855, 866, 877 and 888
There is no difference between these numbers from the technical side.

How do they work?
If you get a toll-free number from a VoIP provider, like MightCall,
the customers will call you on this number and the call will be forwarded to your personal phone number.
So, you can pick it up on your mobile phone or a deskphone or any other IP phone
You can also send text messages to your clients with a toll-free number.

So, what’s a vanity phone number?
Well, like 1-888-22-PIZZA
They stick in people’s heads and their uniqueness makes them easy to remember.
With MightyCall there is no extra charge for having a vanity toll-free number.

Sounds good?
Go to and pick a good number for your business and instantly get tons of useful features like unlimited calling & texts, call recording, voice greetings and a business contact book

If you have any other questions don’t hesitate to drop us a note!
Thank you!

MightyCall is a virtual phone system provider.
MightyCall’s VoIP is designed for small business and entrepreneurs.
MightyCall is easy, affordable, and effective. You don’t need any special hardware, we don’t bill per user like the majority of the industry, and we don’t charge you per feature like others.

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